A relaxing feast for all your senses

A relaxing feast for all your senses
Relax and enjoy some me-time after a wonderful day in Seefeld. Go to the sauna, take a Kneipp bath, plunge into the whirlpool and find perfect harmony for body and soul.

Refreshing Kneipp pool

From the sauna straight into the Kneipp pool; from the heat into the cold.
This contrast is a real boost to the immune system and sure to wake you up after a hot sauna.

Kneipp treatments are healthy and strengthen the immune system.

The freezing cold water in the Kneipp pool is the absolute opposite to the comforting warmth in the sauna. It cools down the body and is blissfully refreshing.
A Kneipp treatment is healthy, strengthens the body’s resistance and is very relaxing, whilst giving your blood vessels a work-out!


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Reviving water

Plunge into the whirlpool or enjoy the warm spray in our experience showers,
Crystal clear water from the Tyrolean mountains


For all of your senses

Take time for yourself and for setting new impulses...
Image sitting in the whirlpool....

Thousands of tiny airbubbles massage your body.
No matter if you are alone or if there are two of you, a dip in the whirlpool is guaranteed to be fun.

Forget about the daily routine, lean back and rest in the crystal clear mountain water. Now that’s what we call relaxing!


360° Panorama whirlpool

Taking a shower minus the element of everyday routine...

...but with the wellness Wow factor instead!
Close your eyes and immerse yourself in a heavenly waterfall. Let the water and sensuous scents rain down on you and enjoy this amazing shower experience.

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