All-round wellness and relaxation!

Longing for some warmth?
Then head to the relaxing, wooden-clad sauna in our Wellness area.
Take a break and give your circulation a boost at the same time.

Escape the routine

Enveloped in a blanket of warmth it is easy to forget about the stresses of every day life.
You can choose between a gentle bio sauna or a steam bath.

Wellness bliss

The bio sauna is the perfect place to unwind after an exciting day exploring Seefeld and its surroundings. Carefully chosen accessories enhance the experience of complete relaxation.
Another option to enjoy the world of wellness is the steam bath, which soothes skin, body and soul with a more gentlre yet still penetrating heat.

Bio sauna and steam bath are a little cooler and less strenuous on the circulation than the classic Finnish sauna. Both strengthen the immune system, cleanse pores and are said to increase resistance to colds.

Forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and let the heat melt away stress.
Gentle heat for your wellbeing

•    Bio sauna
•    Steam bath

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An enveloping heat...

A quiet moment; a calm atmosphere; a room full of soothing, warm light – let us introduce you to the infrared cabin.

It offers an alternative treatment to a sauna.


Soothing, deep heat

Infrared cabins don’t warm the body with the help of hot air as saunas do, or high humidity as in steam baths, but by infrared lamps mounted in the cabin.

When infrared rays reach the skin, they transform into a soothing deep heat, which penetrates the body and relieves tension. From zero to one hundred percent relaxation in no time!

So take off your hiking or ski boots and plunge into wellness bliss!
Go on, treat yourself to some heat, relaxation and pampering!

A healthy glow in every season

Sunbathe in our big garden in the summer and take advantage of our solarium in the winter.

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