Alpine fitness in a calm atmosphere

Relax and indulge -
after a wonderful day in Seefeld.
Enjoy a soothing massage......
... or perhaps you would rather pump it up in our gym?

In harmony with body, mind and soul

Unwind and savour the moment with an Ayurveda massage, which is based on the theory of the four elements...
Experience the stress-reducing effects of scented warm oils and soothing massages.

Relaxing massages

The tranquil atmosphere during treatments allows the soul to revive and the mind to wander. Allow yourself to be thoroughly pampered during your holiday in Seefeld.
Targeted massages for total relaxation!

Our massages

Ayurveda Massage                                         ca 70. mins             € 70,00
Special migraine treatment ca. 50 mins € 58,00
Vein treatment      € 35,00
Soft laser treatment ca. 10 mins € 20,00
Special spine treatment          € 58,00
Acupuncture massage ca. 50 mins € 58,00
Lymphatic drainage ca. 50 mins € 58,00
Foot reflexology ca. 25 mins € 35,00
Full body massage ca. 50 mins € 58,00
Partial body massage ca. 25 mins € 35,00









Please pre-book your treatment at our reception desk.

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Alpine fitness

We have created a fitness-inspired oasis for our guests as an attractive alternative to outdoor sports.  
Our gym has all the equipment for a full body work-out.


Modern exercise equipment

The latest exercise equipment can be set at many different levels of resistance so that even the fittest sports enthusiasists can enjoy a challenging work-out.

Stepper, weights, treadmill and our team look forward to your training session!

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